Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chimzar's Card of the Day #16 - Filled With Thought

It has been quite a while since I posted here (had a baby!), but Mad Olaf's keyword Maximize sparked the creative juices.  I know I should wait, but I had to make a draw spell with this ability.

Edit (for power):


  1. Yay~! This version seems BUSTED though. In constructed, this is 8 cards for five mana.

  2. I think it is ok to make Maximize for 4 copies above the curve of power for three reasons. First, in limited you want Maximizing for 2 or 3 worth it as that maybe all the copies you get. Second, in constructed you will be able to cast Maximize for 4 only once per game. And lastly, when you draw multiples they become way worse. This card is still probably overpowered, but I think it would be fair just to bump both costs by one.